How Making Your Bed In The Morning Can Make You Successful

If you ask any successful person if they make their bed every morning, they will more than likely tell you they do. The interesting part is that they probably don’t realize themselves how crucial making their beds every morning is to their success in life.

Here’s how it works:

Your mind needs a happy, organized, peaceful place to look forward to at the end of the day.

Without having something to look forward to, you subconsciously lose hope. As you go through the struggles of everyday life, things will just seem disparaging and you may feel like you’re caught in a rut. The worst part being that you feel like it will never end.

Making your bed is just an example. It could be anything that makes you happy and feel peaceful and organized.

With me, I’m not so great at making my bed. My happy place is just cracking a beer and smoking a cigarette at the end of the day. I may not be the best example, but as I go out into the world everyday and deal with life, this is how I cope. I know I have a peaceful place to go to later and whatever I may be going though at the moment will not last forever.

Now that we understand how this works, it’s important not to confuse our happy places with our goals in life. Making your bed or drinking a beer is not a goal, but now you can see how to set your immediate and long term goals while giving yourself a resting place.

Success begins with making your bed in the morning, just like your mom taught you. You should thank her. She gave you the secret to success and you didn’t even realize it.

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