May 22, 1843: Great Emigration departs for Oregon

A massive wagon train, made up of 1,000 settlers and 1,000 head of cattle, sets off down the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri. Known as the “Great Emigration,” the expedition came two years after the first modest party of settlers made the long, overland journey to Oregon.

After leaving Independence, the giant wagon train followed the Sante Fe Trail for some 40 miles and then turned northwest to the Platte River, which it followed along its northern route to Fort Laramie, Wyoming. From there, it traveled on to the Rocky Mountains, which it passed through by way of the broad, level South Pass that led to the basin of the Colorado River. The travelers then went southwest to Fort Bridger, northwest across a divide to Fort Hall on the Snake River, and on to Fort Boise, where they gained supplies for the difficult journey over the Blue Mountains and into Oregon. The Great Emigration finally arrived in October, completing the 2,000-mile journey from Independence in five months.

In the next year, four more wagon trains made the journey, and in 1845 the number of emigrants who used the Oregon Trail exceeded 3,000. Travel along the trail gradually declined with the advent of the railroads, and the route was finally abandoned in the 1870s.

May 21, 1881: American Red Cross founded

In Washington, D.C., humanitarians Clara Barton and Adolphus Solomons found the American National Red Cross, an organization established to provide humanitarian aid to victims of wars and natural disasters in congruence with the International Red Cross.

Barton, born in Massachusetts in 1821, worked with the sick and wounded during the American Civil War and became known as the “Angel of the Battlefield” for her tireless dedication. In 1865, President Abraham Lincoln commissioned her to search for lost prisoners of war, and with the extensive records she had compiled during the war she succeeded in identifying thousands of the Union dead at the Andersonville prisoner-of-war camp.

She was in Europe in 1870 when the Franco-Prussian War broke out, and she went behind the German lines to work for the International Red Cross. In 1873, she returned to the United States, and four years later she organized an American branch of the International Red Cross. The American Red Cross received its first U.S. federal charter in 1900. Barton headed the organization into her 80s and died in 1912.

She had a Bearded Dragon in her Bra

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Walking on Water is not just for Jesus anymore

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Interview With US Senate Hopeful Andrew Castanuela

[REBROADCAST] A preliminary interview with US Senate hopeful Andrew Castanuela. Co-hosted by Dolly Miller-Brennan.

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Which Internet Marketing Opportunities Are Scams? Which Ones Work?

Tonight’s topics: Internet Marketing “Opportunities”: Which one work, which ones are scams. Where are they now? Thousands of Network Creators prepare to leave Ning. If you don’t know what Ning is, tune in tonight to find out, and also Find out about $15,000 porta-johns.

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Man who took $3,000 cab ride sentenced to 35 days

Find out if the Groundhog saw his shadow this morning. Will we have another six weeks of winter? Just prior to Sunday afternoon’s broadcast, we had to cancel due to our network being knocked offline by the weather. Ironically, one of the topics for the show was ‘Virginia Beach Shuts Down Due To Snow’. Today we will also cover what Pat Robertson really said about Haiti, and in Strange News: Man who took $3,000 cab ride sentenced to 35 days.

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