Yelp Phone Spams

This is the actual phone recording of a spam call, actually two, from Yelp. This is how Yelp tries to pressure businesses into paying them extra money for “premium” listings on their site, which are essentially worthless.

  1. Sales guys calls. I confront him about Yelp burying good reviews unless you pay for “premium” listings. He giggles. I tell him to give me fellatio.
  2. He calls right back to reiterate that Yelp can list my business without my permission according to the 1st Amendment. I agreed with him that’s true, unless it causes detriment to my business, at which point I can take legal action against them.
  3. Yelp’s sales guy continues to challenge me, saying no one has ever sued Yelp and won. I told him there is a first time for everything, and he doesn’t know me very well. I also informed him of class action lawsuits that can be developed by multiple plaintiffs from different states.